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Decades: 1780s - 1790s - 1800s - 1810s - 1820s - 1830s - 1840s
(stardates -2/10 to -2/19)
Centuries: 18th century - 19th century - 20th century

The 1810s was, on Earth's calendar, the second decade of the 19th century. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era lasts from stardates 1810.0 through 1819, while the reference stardate system has delineated this era ranging from stardate -2/10 to stardate -2/19.


1811 eventsEdit

1816 eventsEdit

1817 eventsEdit

Births and deathsEdit


1812 birthsEdit
7 February 
Charles Dickens born.[1]
1813 birthsEdit
3 May 
Richard Wagner born.[1]
1819 birthsEdit
1 August 
Herman Melville born.[1]


1815 deathsEdit
13 October 
Joachim Murat dies.[1]
1817 deathsEdit
18 July 
Jane Austen dies.[1]
7 December 
William Bligh dies.[1]


References and notesEdit

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