1865 Serpens is a star system in the constellation of Serpens, located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. 1865 Serpens was the location of a planetary system, including the homeworld of the Disarrui civilization. The Disarrui world was destroyed in the 4th century by a meteor the size of Luna. Due to abnormal drift, no one succeeded in locating the planet's remains until the Federation starship USS Marignano surveyed the area in the year 2371. (TNG novel: Intellivore)

The star's name has the notation of a Flamsteed designated star, with a numeral and the constellation's name. However, no stars with this high a numeral have been so named in "real life".


Stars, systems and objects of the Serpens constellation
1865 Serpens39 SerpentisAlpha SerpentisEpsilon Serpentis (Aaamazzara) • Eta SerpentisGamma SerpentisLambda SerpentisPsi SerpentisSigma SerpentisZeta Serpentis

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