years: 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909

(stardates -1/06)

decades: 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s
centuries: 19th century - 20th century - 21st century


18 April 
The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake took place.[1][4][5]
reference stardate -1/0600 
Following the Corillian Incident, the Romulan Star Empire begins a policy of insular border reinforcement that will last for almost 80 years.[6]

Births and deathsEdit

28 February 
Bugsy Siegel born.[1]
6 March 
Lou Costello born.[1]
7 July 
Satchel Paige born.[1]
19 December 
Leonid Brezhnev born.[1]


References and NotesEdit

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