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1968 was, on Earth's calendar, the 69th year of the 20th century, and the ninth year of the 1960s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1968.0[1] or reference stardate -1/68[2].


Births and deathsEdit

4 April
25 September


References and notesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Star Trek: The New Voyages

Visit to a Weird Planet Revisited

"studio" sections
The Original Series 1968 short story NewVoyages
Strange New Worlds IV

Isolation Ward 4

final entry
Deep Space Nine 4 April, 1968 short story Strange new worlds 4
Department of Temporal Investigations

Forgotten History

Chapter 2, Section 2
Star Trek 4 April, 1968 novel The Enterprise arrives in the year 1968 from the future year of 2268. Forgotten History cover
Assignment: Earth

1968 time-travel scenes
The Original Series 4 April, 1968 episode GarySeven
From History's Shadow

chapters 26, 28-32
The Original Series 23 February to 22 April 1968 novel From History's Shadow cover
Assignment: Earth

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns
The Original Series July 1968 comic set three months after "Assignment: Earth." Brighter Than a Thousand Suns


Mission to Horatius

Mission to Horatius.



James T. Kirk bargains with the Providers.

5 January
12 January
19 January



Star Trek 2.

2 February
9 February
16 February
23 February


02 Devils Isle of Space

"The Devil's Isle of Space".

1 March
8 March
15 March
29 March


D machine

The doomsday machine.

5 April
12 April
19 April
26 April



Apollo confronts.

3 May
10 May
17 May
24 May
31 May



Cosmozoan absorbing starships.

7 June
21 June
28 June


Shras Endilev

Shras Endilev.

5 July
12 July
19 July
26 July


A Piece of the Action

James T. Kirk and Spock.

2 August
9 August
16 August
23 August
30 August


Making of Star Trek, 1st edition

The Making of Star Trek.

20 September
27 September




4 October
11 October
18 October
25 October



Kang and crew, including his wife, Mara.

1 November
8 November
15 November
22 November
29 November


03 Invasion of the City Builders

"Invasion of the City Builders".

6 December
20 December

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