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  • The Eugenics Wars begin. [1][2]
  • March 15: Dr. Marcus Walter Nichols is recruited by the secret Area 51 task force around Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, Shannon O'Donnell and Jeffrey Carlson. They are building a sleeper ship prototype, the DY-100, based on the acquired Ferengi Technology [3], and they want to use the Transparent aluminum as well.[2]
  • Not known to the other Area 51 workers, Shannon O'Donnell secretly meets with Roberta Lincoln (who is disguised as Helen Swanson); Roberta provides Shannon with some alien technology for the DY-100 project.[2]
  • June 14: Khan Noonien Singh assembles some of his fellow Chrysalis Project superhumans - including Vasily Hunyadi, Alberto Gomez (aka Pachacutec), General "Hawkeye" Randall Morrison, Arcturus and Chen Tiejun. Khan's goal, to unite the supermen under his reign, fails and they leave in conflict.[2]
  • August - Thanks to some undercover assistance from Roberta Lincoln, the Peruvian government captures Alberto Gomez.[4]
  • Early in the first full week of September - It is known that earlier in the week Hunyadi's people assassinated a couple of Khan's most highly placed pawns in the local government.[4]
  • September 10 - In the morning, Khan retaliates against Hunyadi by taking out an entire Serbian intelligence cell.[4]
  • September 30: Khan is lured to the Ajorra caves in central India by Vasily Hunyadi, force behind the Serbia government, who attempts to assassinate Khan by triggering an earthquake with an underwater concussive charge place. This earthquake was in the previously-considered aseismatic region of Maharashtra. The death toll from the quake is over 10,000 and entire villages are destroyed. [2]
  • December - NASA fixes the Hubble space telescope.[4]

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Eugenics Wars

The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2

Chapters 5, 6 & 8-11
The Original Series 15 March - 1 October 1993 novel Khan2














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