years: 2224 2225 2226 2227 2228 2229 2230

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2190s 2200s 2210s 2220s 2230s 2240s 2250s
centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


Promotions and transfersEdit

Births and deathsEdit


Mirror universeEdit

Alternate timelinesEdit

References and NotesEdit

  1. FASA RPG module: The Four Years War
  2. TOS novel: Across the Universe
  3. TOS novel: Heart of the Sun
  4. He is stated to be 137 years old in "Encounter at Farpoint", which is set in 2364.


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Four Years War

The History
The Original Series March 4, 2227 (Reference stardate 1/6003.04) role-playing game Klingon capture of prototype transport USS Flying Fortress; the starship is recaptured by Federation anti-piracy task force. 4yrswarfc

Images from 2227Edit


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