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Warning: The following content contains spoilers for Star Trek Beyond.
years: 2260 2261 2262 2263 2264 2265 2266

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2230s 2240s 2250s 2260s 2270s 2280s 2290s
centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


Alternate reality Edit

Warning: The following content contains spoilers for Star Trek Beyond.

Promotions and TransfersEdit

Births and DeathsEdit

Alternate reality Edit

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image

Vanguard 2263 novel Harbinger
Foundations, Book One

Chapters 2-7
SCE 2263

Stardate 1197.6
eBook Foundations 1
Star Trek: New Visions

A Scent of Ghosts

2263 flashbacks
The Original Series circa 2263 comic Takes place five months prior to James T. Kirk taking command of the Enterprise. A Scent of Ghosts
The White Flame Starship Combat Scenario Pack

Imperial Intelligence Document
The Original Series October 2263 (Reference stardate 2/0710.13) role-playing game The 123rd Klingon Assault Flotilla obliterates a group of Starfleet destroyers deep within Federation space. The white flame fc


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