years: 2307 2308 2309 2310 2311 2312 2313

(stardates Unknown)

decades: 2280s 2290s 2300s 2310s 2320s 2330s 2340s
centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century


Promotions and TransfersEdit

Births and DeathsEdit

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Tales from the Captain's Table

Iron and Sacrifice

Sections 8, 12, 13 & 16-18
The Lost Era 2310 short story TalesCaptainsTable
Alien Spotlight

Four Thousand Throats...

Pages 8-14
The Original Series 2310

Year of Kahless 936
comic Alien Spotlight Klingons
Strange New Worlds II

The Hero of My Own Life
The Original Series 2310 short story SNWII


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