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years: 2357 2358 2359 2360 2361 2362 2363

(stardates 37000-37999
reference stardate 2/99)

decades: 2330s 2340s 2350s 2360s 2370s 2380s 2390s
centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century




  • Kalisi Reyar designs and completes a grid system that watches out for Bajoran life signals exclusively; the system is installed on Cardassian occupied Bajor[1]

Federation politicsEdit

Cardassian politicsEdit

Romulan politicsEdit

Starfleet operationsEdit

Promotions and transfersEdit


Births and deathsEdit

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Buried Age

Chapters 13-19 Section 1
The Next Generation 2360 novel Spans from January 3rd to April 12, 2360 according to the Author's annotations BuriedAge
The Buried Age

Chapter 19 Section 2
The Next Generation 2360

Stardate 37334
novel Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander - takes place on May 2 according to the Author's annotations BuriedAge
Catalyst of Sorrows The Lost Era 2360 novel CatalystofSorrows
No Limits

Lefler's Logs

Twelfth entry
New Frontier 2360

Stardate 37592.4
short story NoLimits
A Stitch in Time

Part 2, Chapter 16
Deep Space Nine 2360 novel Stitch
Terok Nor

Dawn of the Eagles

Prologue, Chapters 1-4
Deep Space Nine 2360 novel Dawn of the Eagles

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