years: 2386 2387 2388 2389 2390 2391 2392

(stardates from 2389.0, or 66000.0–66999)

decades: 2350s 2360s 2370s 2380s 2390s 2400s 2410s
centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century

2389 was, on Earth's calendar, the 90th year of the 24th century, and the tenth and final year of the 2380s decade. Besides this time period's Human dates, in stardates this era begin with stardate 2389.0[1] in some systems of dating, and runs from stardate 66000.0 to stardate 66999 in others.[2]


  • The Federation Council's investigation results regarding the Vulcan Science Academy's research of red matter and the Hobus supernova were released. T'Los gave a speech afterwards expressing regret if the Federation was harmed and promising that there was to be no further red matter research without the council's permission. To the Romulans, she said, "We grieve with thee." The councilor also chose to resign from the Federation Council as she felt "inadequate" to the job.[3]
stardate 66091.53 
B'Vat's only son, K'das, was slain by Aakan of the House of Mo'kai, reigniting a blood feud that had lasted over a century. B'Vat confronted and defeated Aakan in ritual combat, leading to the dissolving of the House of Mo'kai.[3]
1 April (stardate 66248.2) 
B'Vat addresses the Klingon High Council.[4]


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