Decades: 2440s - 2450s - 2460s - 2470s - 2480s - 2490s - 2500s
(stardates 2470 to 2479)
Centuries: 24th century - 25th century - 26th century

The 2470s was, on Earth's calendar, the eighth decade of the 25th century. Some stardate systems have delineated this era ranging from stardate 2470 to stardate 2479.[1]


References and notesEdit

  1. TOS movie: Star Trek.


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Myriad Universes

Brave New World

The Next Generation 2478 novel Set in an alternate timeline. Takes place 110 years after Data's resignation from Starfleet in 2368. Echoesandrefractions

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