4725 Cancri is a star located near the space of the Federation and the Klingon Empire. 4725 Cancri is a white star of the spectral class F2 that is among the stars visible from Earth in the Cancer constellation. 4725 Cancri is home to a star system with seven planets, including Dekkanar. (TOS novel: Rules of Engagement)

The star's name has the notation of a Flamsteed designated star, with a numeral and the constellation's genitive name. However, no stars with this high a numeral have been so named in "real life".


  • 4725 Cancri (primary)
    • 4725 Cancri I
    • 4725 Cancri II
    • 4725 Cancri III
    • 4725 Cancri IV (Dekkanar)
    • 4725 Cancri V
    • 4725 Cancri VI
    • 4725 Cancri VII


Stars, systems and objects of the Cancer constellation
14 Cancri (Psi Cancri)17 Cancri (Beta Cancri, Tarf)16 Cancri (Tegmeni, Zeta Cancri)65 Cancri (Acubens, Alpha Cancri)4725 Cancri81 CancriAcubens (65 Cancri, Alpha Cancri)Alpha Cancri (65 Cancri, Acubens)AsellusBeta Cancri (17 Cancri, Tarf)NGC 2812Psi Cancri (14 Cancri)Tarf (17 Cancri, Beta Cancri)Tegmeni (16 Cancri, Zeta Cancri)Zeta Cancri (16 Cancri, Tegmeni)

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