A'Alakon Landis Incorporated was a corporation based on the planet Andor which was formed by Sri' Lurix Landis in 1/7503.06. It was named after her father A'Alakon Landis and was based at Divallax, with its chartering organization being the Securities and Exchange Commission. It became a long term contractor for the United Federation of Planets, as well as private groups.

This company's primary product was life support equipment, both personal and large scale, with the ability to function in zero-gravity or thin atmosphere environments. It initially suffered from a lack of capital and managerial personnel, leading to the business entering receivership within its first five years. Those turbulent times were ultimately overcome by the firm's ability to produce high quality goods with acceptable performance. Following that time and by the late 22nd century, the company Director Sri' Lurix Landis believed that the business' worst years were not behind it.

A'Alakin Landis maintained four manufacturing facilities located on Andor and Cygnet XIV, with plans for a further two to be opened within the next decade. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)

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