A'Net of Waasertla in 2270

A'Net was a Waasertlan female and native of Waasertla in the 23rd century.

Biography Edit

Like many of her people, A'Net had a thoughtpiece implanted on her head to communicate with the Thoughtwork. She was chosen by the unity of Waasertla to act as the Minister of Diplomacy and welcome Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the Federation starship USS Enterprise. A'Net then came to the landing site where she brought a carriage to bring them to the city. She also offered them a thoughtpiece to help then hear the song of her world. However, Dr. McCoy and the others spurned the offer.

A'Net then took them to the city. Once there A'Net showed her the wonders of her world and its city. She then took them to a concert in their honor. After the concert, she invited Capt. Kirk and his landing party to dinner. However, she and the thoughtwork found out that he was meeting Waasertlans who had separated from the thoughtwork. She and thoughtwork decided that they would not punish them, but that they would rejoin the thoughtwork. Unfortunately, A'Net and others of the thoughtwork were overwhelmed with arguments. She then expelled the fallen Waasertlans from the thoughtwork. She was then encouraged by Capt. Kirk to keep trying to listen to their people whether or not they were part of the thoughtwork. She then asked Capt. Kirk and the Federation to wait 25 years for another visit while they work out their problems. (TOS - Burden of Knowledge comic: "A Failure to Communicate")

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