A Good Day to Die is the first Star Trek: IKS Gorkon novel by Keith R.A. DeCandido, published by Pocket Books in 2003. It centers around the Gorkon's encounter with the Children of San-Tarah.

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From the back cover

Beginning an all-new series of Klingon adventures!
These are the voyages of the Klingon Defense Force vessel IKS Gorkon, part of the mighty new Chancellor-class. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations...
...and to conquer them for the greater glory of the Klingon Empire!
Newly inducted into the prestigious Order of the Bat'leth, Captain Klag, son of M'Raq, leads the crew of the Gorkon into the unexplored Kavrot sector to find new planets on which to plant the Klingon flag. There, they discover the Children of San-Tarah, a species with a warrior culture that rivals—and perhaps exceeds—the Klingons' own, living on a planet that would be a great addition to the Empire. Klag could call in General Talak's fleet to bring the world under the Klingons' heel—but the San-Tarah offer Klag a challenge he cannot refuse. The Gorkon crew and the San-Tarah will engage in several martial contests. If the Klingons lose, they will go and never trouble the planet again—but if they are victorious, the San-Tarah will cede themselves to the Empire, and Klag will have singlehandedly conquered an entire world!
The first tale in a glorious adventure that will be remembered in song and story throughout the Empire!


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Avenal VIIBeta QuadrantChin'toka systemKavrot sectorQo'noSRaknal VTy'Gokor
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Ajilon PrimeAllicar sectorBorethGamma QuadrantKhitomerMarcan VMempa IXNarendra IIIOriasQam-CheeQuinortaD

Starships and vehiclesEdit

IKS AkuaUSS Defiant (Defiant-class) • IKS AzrakIKS B'MothIKS GorkonIKS K'mpecIKS KravokhIKS MekbelIKS PaghIKS RotarranIKS Taj
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IKS Ning'tao

Races and culturesEdit

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States and organizationsEdit

Klingon Defense ForceKlingon Empire15th Squad
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DominionUnited Federation of Planets

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adanjianlokbat'lethThe Battle of Gal-MokBattle of Klach D'Kel BrachtbloodwineThe Campaign at Kol'VatChancellor-classd'k tahgDahar Masterdisruptorel-marGre'thorGreat HuntgrishnarhabnaghHall of WarriorsHouse of DurasHouse of KazagHouse of PalkarHouse of VarnakKnights TemplarKri'stak volcanoMahk JchiMauk-to'Vormek'lethOrder of the Bat'lethQaS DevwI'River of BloodRuling Packsan-cheraSto-Vo-KorSword of Kahlesstransporterchech'tluthgaghheart of targpipius clawrachtzilm'kach


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This novel runs from July to October of 2376 and begins six months after the final DS9 episode: "What You Leave Behind".

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