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On a previous visit to Modala, Capt. Pike and the Enterprise recommended the planet for Federation membership in ten years. Now, Kirk and Chekov beam down to observe any changes which may have taken place. They find a planet run by a police state and are arrested as rebels.

Log EntriesEdit

Captain's Personal Log, Stardate 3012.4 
It's been ten years now since I last visited the planet Modala -- the natives' name for Beta Damoron Five. Of course, I was only a lieutenant then and the Enterprise was someone else's ship. Chris Pike's, to be precise. Back then, I was part of the survey team that recommended Modala for Federation membership -- but not quite yet. I said the Modalans need little more seasoning first. After all, they had already mastered spaceflight, and while they hadn't yet run into any starfaring civilizations. It was only a matter of time before that would change. Starfleet brass agreed. They decided that Modala was still a decade away from an invitation. So here I am, ten year later to conduct a second survey. To see if the Modalans have come as far as expected they would. As before, of course, we'll want to remain unobtrusive. Native garb and all that. Otherwise, we'd be taking a chance on violating the Prime Directive. That's why it'll only be a two-man landing party. Myself -- and one other.



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