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This article is a stub relating to a canon episode. You can help our database by expanding on it.



Beverly CrusherDataFeltonGarveyJaeGeordi La ForgeMartinezHal MoseleyJean-Luc PicardBerlinghoff RasmussenWilliam T. RikerDeanna TroiWorf, son of Mogh
Referenced only 
Khan Noonien SinghNoonien Soong

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • time-pod
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise-C (Ambassador-class)


Penthara IV
Referenced only 
CorsicaEarth (New Jersey) • Penthara IV (New Seattle) • RisaStarbase 214

Races and culturesEdit

BetazoidHumanKlingonSoong-type android

States and organizationsEdit

United Federation of Planets (Starfleet)


auto-phaser interlockJohann Sebastian BachBeethovenberylite scanbioscanJulius Caesarcarbon dioxideCelsiusd'k tahgdancedeflector dishdeflector shieldearthquakeelectrostatic energyempathEPS tapexothermal inversionThe Globe Illustrated Shakespeare: The Complete Worksgreenhouse effectGutenberg BiblehistorianAdolf HitlerHomerJupiter symphonyLa donna è mobilelightning rodAbraham LincolnLivingstonJohn MiltonModel AModel TWolfgang Amadeus MozartClaude Monetmuseumnuclear winterneural stimulatorPADDphaserphaser drillphilosophyplasmaplasticized tritanium meshpokerpredestination paradoxPrime Directivequarantine fieldRedstone missileRichter scaleRigolettosensorshield inverterspace-time distortionSymphony Number NineTelurian plaguetemporal logictemporal distortionterawattThird Brandenburg Concertotricordertype C asteroidGiuseppe VerdiVISORvolcanowarp coilStevie Wonderwormhole


Related storiesEdit


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New Ground
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TNG episode aired Next episode:
New Ground
chronological order
Previous Adventure:
Chapter 4, Section 11
Pocket Next Adventure:
New Ground


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