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Martok, son of UrthogSirella, daughter of LinkasaKahless, son of KahlessWorf, son of MoghSejokhAbbakhKedjesaMojjar
Referenced only 
Kahless the UnforgettableSompekUgilhToldinLinkasaShiVangMolor

Starships and vehiclesEdit


BorethHall of WarriorsTy'GokorMordanus PrimeProvince of KenthaKang's SummitLake LursorKri'stak volcanoKlingQo'noSKentha lowlandsQam-CheeThree Turn Bridge

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Klingon EmpireKlingon High CommandStarfleet News ServiceUnited Federation of PlanetsOrder of the Bat'lethHouse of MartokHouse of Delagh

Other referencesEdit

abin'do pipebat'lethBattle of Mordanus Primedaggerhawkkrad'dak drummicayahsabre bearspearS'fajan Djags'tarahkSto-vo-kortargtran'nuc


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