A World Gone Mad was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1973. In this story, the USS Enterprise escorted a young prince to his home world in the year 2267 amid cases of random insanity which threatened to destabilize the planet’s government.

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Cover blurb:
In a world gone mad, Scotty and Dr. McCoy fight for their lives — against each other!


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DjanKillayJames T. KirkLuloLeonard McCoyNazinoRavikiMontgomery ScottSpockSubomarHikaru SuluVlas
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Winston ChurchillDjurnoHladThomas PaineW.C. FieldsSpuzz

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Galileonucle-cycle


Furanthy SchoolNukoleeSanduy's Comet
Referenced only 
Planet 192-B

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FederationNukolee Customs Health AuthorityNukolee Supreme Council

Science and technologyEdit

beakerbombbrainbrakophonegascommunicationsglare filterlavamedi-analyserpsychologistspaceportspacesuittelevision studiovacu-lator

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralbaroncaptainchief medical officercrown princedukegeneralimperial highnessroyal physicianspace commandersub-captain

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20th centuryBandobanji fruitcomediandemocracyfruitcakegas company • "The Girl from Planet 192-B" • Gobi Desert knifelion tamermartial lawmedalpalaceparliamentpolicespace ballterminaltrackvacuum cleaner



  • 2264 – Prince Raviki’s parents died in an accident, and he was sent off-word to Furanthy School.
  • 2265 (2 years, 4 months 3 days prior to stardate 3247.2) – When Sanduy’s Comet passed close to Nukolee, it triggered meteorite showers which expelled gases into the atmosphere, triggering random occurrences of madness among the population.


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Star Trek: The Original Series
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  • Nukolee’s population wore attire similar to that seen on 19th century Earth, particularly the military uniforms, whereas the society had developed spaceflight at least to an interplanetary level.
  • Furanthy School seemed to be located on a planet in the same system as Nukolee, or a nearby system.
  • The TV studio technology on Nukolee resembled that of 1970s Earth.
  • Sulu appeared in one panel, reporting on the ship’s course to Scott and McCoy.

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