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Collision Course is set before Star Trek: The Original Series as James T. Kirk enters Starfleet Academy.

Introduction (blurb)Edit


If you think you know how it all began, think again...

Young Jim Kirk wants nothing to do with Starfleet, and never wants to leave Earth. In the summer of 2249, he's a headstrong seventeen-year-old barely scraping by in San Francisco, haunted by horrific memories from his past.

In the same city, a nineteen-year-old alien named Spock is determined to rise above the emotional turmoil of his mixed-species heritage. He's equally determined to show his parents he has what it takes to be a Vulcan - even it means exposing a mysterious conspiracy at the heart of the Vulcan Embassy, stretching to the farthest reaches of the Federation's borders. There, a chilling new threat has arisen to test Federation's deepest held belief that war is a thing of the past and that a secure future can be forged through peaceful means alone. But it is in San Francisco, home to Starfleet Academy, where that threat will be met by two troubled teenage boys driven to solve the mystery that links them both.

In time, the universe will come to know these young rebels as Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock...two of the Federation's greatest heroes. Yet before they were heroes, they were simply conflicted teenagers, filled with raw ambition and talent, not yet seasoned by wisdom and experience, searching for their unique directions in life - a destiny they'll discover on one fateful night in San Francisco, when two lives collide, and two legends are born.

STAR TREK: ACADEMY: COLLISION COURSE sets the stage for an exciting new era of Star Trek adventure, and for the first time reveals Kirk and Spock as they were , and how they began their journey to become the Kirk and Spock we know today.


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James T. KirkSpockZee BayloffMatthew CaulElissa CorsoDalaShaun FinneganGilfillanAmanda GraysonAbel GriffynKest (Vulcan)Aki KimuraKodosGeorge Joseph KirkGeorge Samuel KirkEugene MalloryRickardSarekStradEdith Zaglada

Starships and vehiclesEdit

K-series vehiclePacific RomeSky Roverstaff carUSS AmesUSS Enterprise


Archer HallBurke HallThe Garden of VenusHelstrom IIILily Sloane ComplexMayweather BuildingMenzel VNew CityPresidio GateSan FranciscoSpacedockStarfleet AcademyStarfleet HeadquartersStockholmTarsus IVTucker BuildingVulcan Embassy

Races and culturesEdit


States and organizationsEdit

Central Bureau of PenologyDepartment of General ServicesSan Francisco Protective ServicesStarfleet Criminal Investigative ServiceStarfleet Security

Other referencesEdit

automated cargo handlerbicorderCasimir emitterconsular agentscredit waferdilithiumencryption keyEnlightenment (Vulcan)groundcarkaiidthprotectorssehlatselethtelomere scanner


Related StoriesEdit


The character of Aki Kimura is supposedly the great-grandson of Hoshi Sato. Hoshi and her husband, Takashi Kimura, perished on Tarsus IV, according to the text prepared for a Starfleet computer screen for ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly", but their names are not actually mentioned in the novel.

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