Acme logo

Acme company logo.

Acme Starship Maintenance Limited (UFPSC exchange: AcStMt) was a business that operated in the field of starship maintenance within the space of the Federation, beginning in the late 23rd century. Acme was chartered with the Federation Securities and Exchange Commission and founded on reference stardate 2/2203.13 with central headquarters in San Francisco on Earth.

Acme was created as a front organization for Starfleet Intelligence, with key Starfleet officials assuming cover identities in the leadership of the company. At the time of founding, the business chief executive officer and president was a cover identity of Commodore Randolph Kling. The two divisions of the company at that time included Acme Intrasystems Incorporated and Acme Requip Operators. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

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