The acting captain's log of the USS Stargazer was the method used by the acting captain to record what happened to the starship and to officially record the ship's missions in place of the captain's log. It was used once by Jean-Luc Picard, following the death of Captain Daithan Ruhalter, before he was formally made the new captain of the Stargazer. (ST video game: Legacy)

Log entrantsEdit



  • "Acting captain's log, supplemental. Captain Ruhalter is dead. After reaching Starbase 61 we discovered only three other Federation starships are present in the system. We have very few resources to aid us in this catastrophe. But we'll have to make whatever we do have count twice over, we cannot allow any of those massive fragments to strike the planets in this system. If they do, millions of lives could be lost and the planets rendered uninhabitable for decades."

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