"Action of the Tiger" was The Original Series installment contained within the second issue of Marvel Comics' Star Trek Unlimited comics. The story consisted of 22 pages, written by Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton. The art was penciled by Mark Buckingham and inked by Kev Sutherland, with Kevin Somers and Phil Felix credited as colorist and letterer, respectively. Editorial credits include Bob Harras as editor-in-chief, Bobbie Chase as editor and Polly Taylor as assistant editor.


James T. Kirk and Pavel Chekov are taken captive by Klingons on Starbase 6.

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BainesPavel ChekovFabianFerroTed HornerJames T. KirkSharagStoneNyota Uhuraunnamed Starfleet personnel (conference attendees, Starbase 6 personnel) • unnamed USS Enterprise personnel (navigator)


KorKorgaunnamed Klingons (Korga's raiders)
Referenced only 

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS BakkerUSS DauntlessUSS Fermat
Constitution-class heavy cruisers 
USS EnterpriseUSS EagleUSS Republic
D7-class battle cruisers 
IKS Klothos (Klolode-class) • unnamed D7-class starships (Kor's squadron)


Klingon Neutral Zone
Starbase 6 
cargo bayconference roomcorridordocking bayextractor ducttransporter room
USS Enterprise 
Referenced only 
Emilla IIFoladan IXStarfleet Academy

Races and culturesEdit

AndorianHuman (Russian) • Klingon
Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

FederationKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireKlingon High CommandStarfleet

Technology and weaponsEdit

deflector shielddisruptor (disruptor pistoldisruptor rifle) • d'k taghPADDphaserphoton torpedopistolriflesecurity cratestarshiptransporterviewscreenwarp drive

Ranks and titlesEdit

admiralcaptaincommandercommanding officerexecutive officersecuritysecurity chiefyeoman

Other referencesEdit

alert statusAndorian exchange unitbalalaikaboarding partyborschtcaptain's logclothingcommand codecommunicationscourt martialdress uniformdrinkdrinking songFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)governmenthumanoidKobayashi Maru scenariolifeformlog entrylogicminutemoneymusicnation-stateOrganian Peace Treatypeace treatyprefix coderaces and culturesrankred alertspacestarbasestardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)technologytitletreatyuniformyellow alertweapon


2270 (voyages of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701, 2264 to 2270
Enterprise visits Starbase 6.



The title "Action of the Tiger" is derived from a quotation of William Shakespeare's Henry V


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Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton
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Dying of the Light
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