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Acts of Contrition is a Star Trek: Voyager novel by Kirsten Beyer. published by Pocket Books in September 2014. It is the sixth novel in the Voyager relaunch after Destiny and the tenth overall. It centers around the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant.

Publisher's descriptionEdit

From the back cover
Admiral Kathryn Janeway has now taken command of the Full Circle Fleet. Her mission: return to the Delta Quadrant and open diplomatic relations with the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant, a civilization whose power rivals that of the Federation. Captain Chakotay knows that his choices could derail the potential alliance. While grateful to the Confederacy Interstellar Fleet of rescuing the Federation starships from an alien armada, Voyager's captain cannot forget the horrors that upon which the Confederacy was founded.
More troubling, it appears that several of Voyager's old adversaries have formed a separate and unlikely pact that is determined to bring down the Confederacy at all costs. Sins of the past haunt the crew members of the Full Circle Fleet as they attempt to chart a course for the future. Will they learn much too late that some sins can never be forgiven... or forgotten?


The remaining and new (USS Vesta) members of the Full Circle fleet are hosted by the Confederacy as both sides assess the possibility of an alliance. However, the Federation officers become increasingly uncomfortable with some aspects of Confederacy culture: All citizens are expected to contribute to society, and those who are deemed as not meeting the standard are left to starve and denied medical treatment. Although the Confederacy is ostensibly led by Presider Cin, most of the power is held by First Consul Dreeg, who runs the Confederacy's Market Consortium.

Back on Earth, Paris faces the custody application for his children filed by his mother Julia and is ultimately successful. Seven and Sharak head for Starfleet Medical where Seven is reunited with an unharmed Axum. Slowly, she begins to realise that the nightmares she experienced were the result of their catoms being used for dangerous and fatal experiments on apparently healthy individuals. Starfleet have also forcibly brought Riley Frazier and the children in her charge back to the Alpha Quadrant and extracted their catoms as well.

Seven's friends are denied access to her and she eventually discovers she is being held in stasis, with the group mind created by the catoms giving her the illusion of being with Axum and Riley. Unaware of this, Paris arranges for Samantha Wildman to take Sharak to Coridan, where he discovers the recent plague victims have been deliberately infected by Ria, a mysterious hospital volunteer who appears to have a connection to the project head Jefferson Briggs. Back in the Delta Quadrant, the Doctor reaches the conclusion that the "plague" was caused by damaged catoms making existing diseases stronger and suspects someone in Starfleet is trying to weaponise catoms, but Louis Zimmerman's interference in his memory files causes him to become increasingly confused and Chakotay has to shut him down.

Relations between the Federation and the Confederacy reach breaking point, as Confederacy General Mattings executes a group of rebels from a world that has been denied aid or the right to leave the Confederacy despite Chakotay having captured them alive, and O'Donnell takes a Confederacy official to witness the worlds the Confederacy abandoned. Despite this, Janeway agrees to help Cin negotiate a peace with the alien fleet just outside their territory.

Discussions with senior Skeen officer Meeml seem fruitful, but Kashyk and Dreeg take charge of the negotiations and the Kinara insist the Confederacy hand Janeway over to them. Voyager and the Vesta briefly join the Confederacy in battling the alien fleet but ultimately Janeway agrees to surrender herself in order to prove her theory: Kashyk and the other Kinara leaders are in fact possessed by Meegan and the other members of the Indign.



AlwenAubreyAxumReginald BarclayBeemzCress BenoitRacha BraltJefferson BriggsBrillHugh CambridgeCemtChakotayChengIsorla CinClancyNancy ConlonCreakCrixellDecanDeonilThe DoctorLant DreegDruryEleoateElvoyEthelGreer EverettSten FaltoRegina FarkasAtlee FifeRiley FrazierPauline FristClarissa GlennGreskrendtregkGrishAytar GwynHentKrim HochHsuIchebIrsteIzlyKathryn JanewayJentJepel OmarJ'OhansKashykHarry KimKwerKenth LasrenLigahMattingsMeegan McDonnellMeemlMikMistoffNariaNeecahLiam O'DonnellOrlaOzimatJulia ParisKathleen ParisMiral ParisMoira ParisTom ParisDevi PatelPeenePiercePironJulian PsilakisRanietRathamRiaMalcolm RoachEl'nor SalSeven of NineSharakGarvin ShawShrellSienna KarSimnlyB'Elanna TorresJohn TorresUltUrl LaskRanson VelthThomas VincentVorikWatersWentinNaomi WildmanSamantha WildmanYellnaYent
Referenced only 
Leonard James AkaarAmbroseRori AustenNanietta BaccoBeeveBorg QueenChrimsJenny DelaneyDevilAfsarah EdenEthelLibby FletcherThe Four DeitiesMagnus HansenIsandalaBal ItakGretchen JanewayPhoebe JanewayJillantKilporaKolopakLezlinGustav MahlerSakrys MaiMalamaiMettigerMiral, daughter of L'NaanKenneth MontgomeryDil MooreNeelixNocksNoconaOwen ParisGilbert ParkerShileaSkiriaThe SourceTamaTreadonDeanna TroiUgretShirin VelthLewis Zimmerman

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Demeter (Theophrastus-class) • CIF Fifth ShudkaCIF Fourth JrooneFrenibargUSS Galen (Galen-class) • Goldenbird (runabout) • LightcarrierManticleshuttleCIF Sixteenth HaddenCIF Twelfth LamontUSS Vesta (Vesta-class) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
Referenced only 
USS AchillesBorg cubecolony shipUSS CurieUSS Enterprise-DUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • USS EsquilineUSS Hawking (Merian-class) • Home FreeUSS QuirinalUSS Viminal (Vesta-class) • Voth City Ship


Alpha QuadrantCaliforniaCentral Medical ServiceCLCP-004CoridanDelta QuadrantEarthFirst Worldthe galaxyGateway to the First WorldThe Great RiverLecahnMontecitoSan FranciscoSan Francisco waterfrontSector 361, Grid 19Utopia Planitia yardsVitrum
Referenced only 
AldebaranArdanaArehazArk PlanetAzure NebulaBeta QuadrantBetazedBorethDeep Space 9Delta M198 systemDenevaFederation Council ChambersFemraGrysyenHellIndign systemJLX-16 sectorJupiter StationKtariaMonet RoomMysstrenNew TalaxOmega ContinuumOrbital Array Six-BetaPlanariaPools of WarthRitellaRomeSB-11989Sector 269Starbase 185Unimatrix Zero

Races and culturesEdit

AurothazianBajoranBetazoidBolianBrunaliCoridaniteDevoreDjinariHuman (Caucasian) • KarlonKlingonKriosianKtarianLeodtMysstrenNeyserPlanarianSkeenTamarianTellariteTrillTureiUnnamed races and culturesVaadwaurVothVulcanWaveform (ProctorProtectorSentry)
Referenced only 
BorgBrenariCaeliarCapellanChildren of the StormKyppranNaceneTalaxianTarkon

States and organizationsEdit

Borg CollectiveBorg CooperativeCaeliar gestaltConfederacy Interstellar FleetConfederacy Medical ServiceConfederacy of the Worlds of the First QuadrantConsumables ExchangeDevore ImperiumFederation CouncilFederation Family CourtFederation Institute of HealthIndignKinaraMaquisMarket ConsortiumProject Full CircleProject PathfinderqawHaq'hochStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Judge Advocate GeneralStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of PlanetsThe UnmarkedVaadwaur SupremacyWarriors of Gre'thor

Science and technologyEdit

access cardadrenalineagricultureairlockalienalternate realityanimalantigrav unitantimatteratmosphereatomauditory implantautomated control armbarometerbiobedbiocidebiohazard suitbiologybiometric shieldingbioneural gel packbioscanbioscannerbloodboneBorg droneBorg implantbrainbulkheadcameracannoncargo transportercatomcatomic matterCatomic plaguecatomic tagcentimeterchronometercloaking devicecloaking fieldcloaking matrixcombadgecommunication buoycommunications relayscomputerConfederacy sidearmdaggerdampening fielddata bankdatabasedata paneldata screendata terminaldeflector arraydisruptorDNAeggEMHEMH Mark IXenergyenergy weaponenvironmental suitevolutionfireflagshipforce fieldgalaxygenetic manipulationgravimetric distortiongravimetric warheadhairhearthive mindhoeholodeckHolo-emitterhologramhullhumanoidhyposprayiceimpulse engineinsulinion stormisotonIV lineLernk viruslifeformlight-yearlungmagna-scanmagnetic building blocksmattermedical tricordermedicinemedkitmemory buffermetermicromagnetic containment generatormicrophonemirrormodulated phase pulsemodulated shield frequencymolecular scannermonitormultiphasic shieldingmutationnanoprobeneedleneural inhibitorNeyser canisterorbitorbital arraypaddphase cannonphase emitterphase pulsephaserphysicsplagueplantplasmapregnancyprojectile weaponpropulsion arrayprostheticpsionicsquantum mechanicsquantum slipstream drivequarantineradiationreceiverrefresherreplicatorriflesealantscannersensorshield emittershield generatorshieldsspacespleenstarstarshipstar systemstasis chambersubatomic particlesubharmonic particulate manifold variancesubspacesubspace corridorsuction tubetentacletetryonthrustertimetime machinetorpedotorpedo tubetransparent aluminumtransphasic torpedotransportertransporter stationtranswarptranswarp conduittranswarp hubtriaxilating force fieldtricorderturbolifttype-1 phaserType 6G-alphauniversal translatoruniverseviewscreenvirusvolventwarp drivewarp factorweather-control satellitewheelwhip

Ranks and titlesEdit

academic advisoradministratoradmiralambassadorartistbotanical geneticistcadetcaptaincelebrantChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechefchief engineerchief medical officercolonelcommandercommanding officercomposercorporalcounselorcrewmancustodiandiplomatdirectordoctorECengineerensignfarmerFirst Consulfirst officerfleet commanderflight controllergeneralhelmsmanHonored SisterinspectorJCJPjudgejunior officerlawyerlieutenantlieutenant commandermajormedicNeurological Specialistnurseofficeroperations officeroverseerphilosopherphysicianpilgrimpilotpresidentPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresider of the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrantprinceprivateproducerprofessorranking generalRevered MotherRiggerscience officerscientistsecond officersecretarysecurity chiefsecurity officersenior officerspysurgeontactical officertechnicianterroristthird officertranslatorvice admiralxenobiologist

Other referencesEdit

2382alpha shiftarboretumasteroidastrometricsatriumauxiliary bayaway teambaroquebatbirdbirthdaybootBorg Invasion of 2381breadbridgebriefing roombrigcapital citycarafecargo baycatcenturyCeremony of WelcomingcityChallenge of the Spiritchartchurchclothingcoffeecolonycourt martialcrystal ballcurrencyCurse of the Godsdancedaydecadededication plaquediagnostic stationdistress calldivorceDjinari-odtdress uniformdrumemotionempathyepidemiologyfairy taleFebruaryFederation CharterFederation DayFederation Standardfeonfertilizerfirst contactfishflowerflyfowlfoxfree clinicfruitfuneralgamma shiftgeersghostglassgodgoldgovernmentgrainguinea piggymhelmethistoryhomeworldhorsehospitalhot fudgehourhrassice creamice packindacinejacketJanuaryjuicekindergartenklaxonkwelllaboratorylal-shaklanguageleathlemmlibrarylivestocklokslunfismagicmapmarriageess hall treemercurymess hallmetalmilitarymillisecondminingminutemonkarmonthmorguemousemuseummutinymythologynapkinnonszitnutOfficer Exchange Programonionoutpostpaintpaintingpaperparrises squarespatentpersonal logpetitionphotographpianjaypink skinpipplanetplasticquadrantquartersrationready roomred alertreligionrestaurantrockrootsaladsaltsatinschoolsciencesculpturesecondsectorshellfishshrimpshuttlebaysickbaysofasongThe Song of the Golden BirdsoupspaceportspiceStarfleet uniformstewsuicidetargteatechnologytelepathyTemporal Prime DirectivetimelineTimmy and the Targtopographytoweltransporter roomtreeuniformvegetablewaterweddingwildflowerwolfwoodyearyellow alertyint

Tamarian language referencesEdit



Background information Edit

  • The German translation of the novel was released by Cross Cult in 2016. It was translated by René Ulmer and featured new cover art by Martin Frei.
  • The character "Nocona" is misnamed as "Nacona".
  • Axums' and Mattings' species were first named in this novel.
  • Chakotay's father Kolopak is misnamed as Kolopek.
  • Acts of Contrition is the second novel in a trilogy of Voyager novels celebrating its 20th anniversary


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The novel runs from January through February 2382, the eighth to ninth month of the Full Circle Fleets 3-year mission in the Delta Quadrant. It begins four years after the final Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Endgame".

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Chapters 26-27, epilogue
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The above chronology placements are based on the primary placement in Januray 2382.
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Watching the Clock
Chapters 17,19,20,22-24
February 2382 Next Adventure:
Prologue, chapters 1-12

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