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Alpha Cancri (also known as Acubens or 65 Cancri) is a star system, a multiple star in the space of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.


This star group primarily consists of two type A blue-white stars located 173 light years from Earth, where they are visible in the constellation of Cancer. (ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

In gameplay, this name was part of a list that were applied to systems on the game map, with random attributes assigned to them.



Stars, systems and objects of the Cancer constellation
14 Cancri (Psi Cancri)17 Cancri (Beta Cancri, Tarf)16 Cancri (Tegmeni, Zeta Cancri)65 Cancri (Acubens, Alpha Cancri)4725 Cancri81 CancriAcubens (65 Cancri, Alpha Cancri)Alpha Cancri (65 Cancri, Acubens)AsellusBeta Cancri (17 Cancri, Tarf)NGC 2812Psi Cancri (14 Cancri)Tarf (17 Cancri, Beta Cancri)Tegmeni (16 Cancri, Zeta Cancri)Zeta Cancri (16 Cancri, Tegmeni)

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