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Administrator is a title that is granted to an individual who is an executive leader of an organization. The term is often modified to indicate the level of the leader (junior, senior, High, etc.), but the particulars vary according to the specific organization.

In the 2150s, V'Las held the title of Administrator of the Vulcan High Command, and had wide-ranging powers that involved both military and civilian matters. (ENT episode: "Kir'Shara")

In 2266, a junior administrator aboard Starbase 26 oversaw the transfer of replacement security officers to the USS Enterprise. (TOS - Errand of Vengeance novel: The Edge of the Sword)

The government of Sherman's Planet was led by both a Planetary Administrator and a President. As of 2376, the Planetary Administrator was a man named Orosz. (SCE eBook: Oaths)

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