The log entries made in the Admiral's personal log aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) were recorded by Admiral James T. Kirk. (ST video game: Legacy)



  • Admiral's personal log, supplemental. 
    I've failed. It was my charge to apprehend this woman who has been a destructive blight upon the Federation for the last hundred years. T'Uerell has been with us since the founding of the Federation and there's no telling how much longer she'll be out here. Her purpose unknown, and her power quite formidable, I fear for what she could do given time. I've submitted my official report to Starfleet concerning the Kettaract Incident. After learning of his Omega particle research I suggested that the details be sealed, and steps taken to ensure this never happens again. Aside from the destructive power of a single molecule of Omega, it has destroyed subspace through a three light-year radius around the Lantaru sector. With such potentially destructive power at T'Uerell's fingertips, I feel extremely uneasy. Starfleet has assigned a comission to develop an Omega Directive concerning this eyes-only matter. Sometimes the arrogance of man is what gets us into so much trouble. Hopefully, the next generation will be better.
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