Adon, son of Gorath was a primitive Klingon warrior from planet 7348-II. Following the murder of his father in 2267, Adon became clan leader in his place.

Following the Orions defeat by the unified clans under Gorath and the crew of the USS Enterprise, control of the Orions' deep-mining operation was turned over to Gorath and his family. Adon proved vital to the operation, as he was able to gain early mastery of the control center's computer systems.

A few months later, Adon discovered that his father had been murdered by rival clan leader, Gurn, and that the other tribes now supported his efforts to gain control of the mine and to make contact with Councillor Duras and their brothers in the Klingon Empire. With his father dead and a Klingon vessel enroute to the planet, Adon and his friend, Bethe, took up arms against Gurn and his followers.

Adon and Bethe were able sneak back into the mine and hid the contents of an ore hauler so that Duras would be angered at Gurn, and were able to gain control of an Orion flying weapons platform to protect themselves. Following the arrival of the Enterprise, Adon was able to get in contact with Captain James T. Kirk via the Starfleet security officers on the surface, and was able to enlist their help in attacking the mine. During the battle between the two sides, Adon was able to turn the battle when he was able to persuade some of the enemy combatants to join him once he told them of Gurn's treachery.

Once the battle was over, Adon was made clan leader as a replacement for his father. (TOS novel: Demands of Honor).

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