The Adventure Book was a book included in the first edition of the Star Trek: The Role Playing Game box set (FASA 2001), released in 1983. It contains three adventure descriptions as well as information on the Constitution class heavy cruiser and the Klingon D-7 class battlecruiser.


Ghosts of ConscienceEdit

With sealed orders, the USS Enterprise is sent to investigate a unique astronomical phenomenon. On this high-priority mission, information is provided on a "need to know" basis, and individual crewmembers are to be considered expendable.

Again, Troublesome TribblesEdit

On what should have been a routine mission - relocating personnel from Federation Genetic Research Station 17 - an away team must deal with dangerous fauna, uncooperative scientists, and an Klingon captain bent on restoring his honor.

In the Presence of My EnemiesEdit

En route to the Lorealyn system, a team of Starfleet officers is taken prisoner by the Klingon Empire. Can they escape in time to salvage relations with the Lorealyn government?



Carlos Luis RiveraCarvy C. DestryCoire S. NavartiCyrano JonesDaniel G. LaneDoris L. EvanofskiD'vinn LoctrillHugo RevereJames T. KirkJ.L. KilgoreKal V. OstranderKolothRandolph Q. LeonRobert L. KellyR'val Trastan

Starships and vehiclesEdit


Constitution-class (heavy cruiser
USS EnterpriseUSS Hood
D-7-class (battlecruiser)
Mission-class (escort
USS Magnan

Other: Chameleon (cargo ship)

Land vehiclesEdit

KEF-82-class (gravcarrier) • AP-16-class (gravsled)


Aleph IIIDeep Station K-7Genetic Research Station 17Lorealyn systemOrganian Treaty ZoneStarbase 11

Races and culturesEdit

Flora and faunaEdit

blade barnacleblue dervishfalse tribbleHindenburg rollerhugger grasshummerpop lizardred dervishrhesus monkeytribble

States and organizationsEdit


agonizerdisruptorphaser Iphaser II

Other referencesEdit

general alarminterphaseKlingoneseOrganian Peace Treaty