Wesley Crusher (under the guise of Evan Jackson) takes Riker on a trip to 1950s Illinois for a trombone lesson with Stan Kenton.

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Wesley CrusherEvan JacksonStan KentonWilliam T. Riker

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  • This story won Third Prize.
  • The title is taken from Adventures in Jazz and Adventures in Time, both Grammy-winning jazz albums performed by Stan Kenton.
  • Geoff Trowbridge's Chronology of Written Star Trek Fiction places Adventures in Jazz and Time in 2378, shortly before TNG novel: A Time to Be Born, presumably because of Wesley's control over his powers. However, A Time to Be Born states that Wesley has not seen his crewmates for six years, moving the date back to between 2370, when he left, and 2372. It could be interpreted that this is the contact referred to.


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