His Exalted Prominence Aelont is a descendant of the Garidian Followers of the Lawgiver Avatrunei and the leader of the sect of the Seekers on planet Frigis.

He was the first person to answer the questions of the Gatekeeper and pass through the Door of Enlightment, actually leading to an ancient Chodak machine room. On his entrance he noticed two talismans on a rock and while attempting to get them, he was trapped in a stasis field and remained so for over a month. During his absence, his chief assistant Arch-Rashon Nachyl was on his stead. The Gate of Enlightment became known as the Gate of No Return.

More than a month after Aelont entered the Gate, an away team from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) led by William Riker looking for the Fifth Scroll managed to pass the Gate. With the help of Chodak scholar Chancellor Laraq they shut off the machinery which kept Aelont in stasis. When Aelont was restored, he thought that he had passed the Gate only some minutes before.

Aelont was hardly surprised to see that his rescuers were aliens since he was aware of a prophecy by the Lawgiver that their planet would be visited by them on that particular year.

As a gratitude, Aelont rewarded them with the Chodak talismans he had acquired along with a thermic key to the Seekers' vault. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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