"After Darkness, Part 3" was the twenty-third issue of IDW Publishing's ongoing series of Star Trek comics, published in July 2013. Colors and lettering were done by Stellar Labs. This comic was edited by Scott Dunbier, with Roberto Orci credited as the story consultant.


Following the events of Star Trek Into Darkness, the surviving elements of Section 31 secretly plot to ignite a war between the Romulan and Klingon Empires. Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, Commander Spock's behavior has turned violent and unpredictable as he suffers the effects of the Vulcan condition known as pon farr. The Enterprise travels to the colony of New Vulcan seeking the aid of Spock's father Sarek only to meet a Vulcan woman calling herself Spock's betrothed...

Montgomery Scott can hardly believe what he is seeing on New Vulcan. Spock and the others 24 Vulcans who have gone insane are fighting with the Starfleet crew. Phasers are set on maximum stun. Spock shoves Uhura while she tries to reason with him, but Kirk shoots at him. Phasers are at maximum stun, but it is not working. They are forced to return to the ship without Spock.

On the Enterprise, Kirk is communicating with T'Pring, who has given up hope that the Sasaud can be saved from themselves. Kirk, however, is determined to find a solution to the problem. Kirk beams them all aboard the Enterprise and into the prison bay. Chekov and Carol study them and come up with an idea. As planets have their own signatures, the Heisenberg compensator compensates for the difference. Chekov has found that they could manipulate the transporter field so that it can think they are orbiting Vulcan even though that is obviously impossible. Kirk, Scott, and McCoy agree.

In the prison bay, Uhura talks with Spock, remembering how he fell in love with her, just before the crew do their experiment. With the transporter thinking they are on Vulcan, Spock and the other Sasaud are beamed back. They are cured. Spock is then brought back to the ship.

On the bridge T'Pring talks with Kirk and Spock from New Vulcan, telling them that all the Sasaud have been cured and the Vulcans have decided that the age-old customs that cause pon farr are now a liability and some things should change. Spock tells T'Pring that his place is aboard the Enterprise and she understands. The two of them part amicably. Having heard the whole thing Uhura smiles knowingly.

Near Khitomer, Section 31 is waiting to rendezvous with the Romulans, and they have Khan Noonien Singh and his Augments with them.



Pavel ChekovJames T. KirkCarol MarcusLeonard McCoySarekSpockSpock PrimeHikaru SuluT'PringNyota Uhura

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise


EarthNew Vulcan
Referenced only 

Shipboard locationsEdit

bridgeprison baytransporter room

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and organizationsEdit

Referenced only 
Section 31StarfleetStarfleet Academy

Ranks and titlesEdit

captainchief medical officercommanderdoctorfirst officerlieutenantofficersenator

Science and technologyEdit

medicinephasertransporterwarp drive

Other referencesEdit

colonyemotionfleetlogiclovePon farr



  • The only title information given is on the cover, with the phrase After Darkness. The Part 3 is taken from solicitation information.

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