Agaron was a planet located in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Agaron was the homeworld of the Agaron species. In the early 22nd century, the planet suffered from organized crime. (ENT episode: "The Seventh")


In the early 22nd century, the Agaron government asked their Vulcan allies for assistance. In response, the Vulcans sent 109 surgically altered agents to infiltrate the syndicates in 2122. Seventeen operatives, including Menos and Jossen, did not return from the assignment. (ENT episode: "The Seventh")

One of the crime lords struggling for relevancy after the Vulcan crackdown was Jofirek. His syndicate was driven from Agaron but maintained connections in smuggling and narcotics in two or three star systems of two sectors each. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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