The Age of Lament was a turbulent time in Andorian history.

Terrible violence was committed in Andor's past which nearly led to the destruction of the Andorian people. Their clan structure was a source of extreme, nationalistic pride and the root cause for warfare. Competing clans fought at the slightest provocation during a time that was later known as the Age of Lament. Rivalries spun out of control in a never-ending cycle of vendetta that culminated in a series of private wars. Nearly one-quarter of the Andorian population killed each other in one of these revenge wars, leaving their civilization at the brink of ruin.

After years of chaos and continued clan warfare, Lor'Vela, leader of one of the strongest clans, brought peace to Andor. Lor'Vela replaced the clan-versus-clan warfare with the promulgation of a code through which Andorians could channel their passions. Instead of outright warfare, the Andorian people could settle their disputes through ritualized combat between the aggrieved parties. This helped save the race from annihilation. (Decipher RPG module: Aliens)

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