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This character is a member of the Sulu family.
"That, Doctor, was my great great grandfather."
Hikaru Sulu, to Doctor McCoy after the pair met the young Akira Sulu.

Akira Sulu was a Human who lived during the 20th century. He was a distant ancestor of 23rd century Starfleet officer Hikaru Sulu.

When the 23rd century Hikaru Sulu traveled back in time from 2286 to 1986, Hikaru and his great-great-grandfather happened to meet each other on the streets of San Francisco. The child believed Hikaru Sulu to be his uncle, as Hikaru was similar in appearance of this person (who was also named Hikaru). Hikaru recognized the child almost immediately, having seen pictures of Akira at various stages in his life. After the meeting was finished, Doctor Leonard McCoy asked Sulu who Akira was, and Sulu informed him that the child was his distant ancestor. (TOS novelization: The Voyage Home)