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The Akula-class was a type of Federation starship in use in the 23rd century, classified as a destroyer or escort vessel. (ST video game: Legacy)


The Akula class features a unique design compared to other ships in Starfleet, with a main saucer section in a half circle shape with a large opening at the foremost section housing dual torpedo launchers, connected to an impulse engine that then connects to the two pylons that arc back slightly to the nacelles. The ship lacks a star-drive and instead has a lowered phaser lance under the aft saucer section. The ships overall design is reminiscent of most vessels in the later part of the Original series era; despite this it does not carry the newer red phaser bank seen on other ships and instead posses an array of blue pulse phasers and a single focused blue phaser fired from its lance.

Defense systemsEdit

The Akula class, as with most ships, comes standard with a phaser defense system and photon torpedo launchers, the vessels saucer section and upper aft section hold a number of phaser pulse arrays for standard ship to ship or point defense engagements, with its phaser lance holding a more powerful solid phaser beam likely intended to maximize damage output on attack runs, fulfilling its role as a destroyer/escort type ship, it has two forward torpedo ports visable on the saucer and one aft torpedo launcher, the ship possesses standard deflector shields of reasonable strength capable of withstanding a decent number of hits from light craft before failing, however larger battleships with reduce its shields in a handful of hits depending on class, the crafts hull is lightly armored and will not last long without shields against any ship larger than a scout or light destroyer such as an early era Miranda class but due to its simpler hull, repair operations move faster than on some more durable vessels.


The Akula class does not have any confirmed total of Decks, but based on the ships outside appearance and size compared to other ships it is likely that the vessel contains around 8 Decks at most, It appears to have 2 shuttle bays at either side of the saucer, and likely has its warp core around the aft most section of the hull, crew capacity for a ship of its scale and type would be estimated in the 100-200 range at best, with potentially additional space for refugee or passengers.

Based of Starship layouts currently known from this era the Deck layout would likely be follow along the following suggested design layout

Deck 1 - Bridge, Captains ready room, Observation lounge

Deck 2 - Phaser control

Deck 3 - Crew quarters, mess hall, Officers quarters

Deck 4 - Shuttle bay, Science lab, torpedo bays, Sickbay, Transporter room

Deck 5 - Shuttle bay, Main engineering, Engineering crew quarters

Deck 6 - Lower engineering level, Engineering crew quarters, Cargo bays, Cargo transporters

Deck 7 - Brig, Deflector control

Deck 8 - Sensor control, Phaser lance control, lower observation suite.

Rooms containing other features such as library, ship systems etc, would likely be scattered throughout the ship on various relevant decks.

Based of comparisons to other ships, the Akula class in length is slightly greater than that of a refit Miranda, in width around the same as the Miranda and in height due to its lance, slightly shorter than a constitution pre-refit.

Scale estimates being

L - 290 m

W - 175 m

H - 140 m (50 m saucer 90 m Lance bottom to nacelle tops)


The Akula class is a class name also given to the Apollo class in some cases.

This Ship is the only ship following the refit constitution design style, excluding the Excelsior class that does not have the red pulse phasers in any area.

It is the only Original series ship that features a phaser lance, this feature is later found on the Alternate universe Galaxy class (All good things pt.1 and 2 ST:TNG) and the Warship voyager (ST:VOY Living witness) with the main difference between the two being that it is the only ship not to exist in either an alternate future or fictional interpretation.

The Akula class design, without the Lance shares resemblance to the Norway class in some ways.

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Known vesselsEdit


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