Aldrin City Archives Annex was a secure Starfleet facility in Aldrin City on Luna, Earth's moon. It was the repository for Starfleet's data, with more than twenty percent of the total inventory stored in this facility was shrouded in a security classification so dense and compartmented that it exceeded the clearance levels of the archive’s support staff. This included classified information accessible only to the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet and the Federation President - including the secrets of Operation Vanguard, buried from 2270 until the 2380s. One of the most secure installations in the Sol Sector, the Aldrin City Archives Annex contained more stringent access protocols than Starfleet Headquarters itself. Even entering the base required the formal authorization of the Chief of Starfleet Operations. (VAN novella: In Tempest's Wake)

In 2270 the facility had twenty-six levels, each of them occupying five square kilometers. That year the Commanding Officer of Starfleet, Heihachiro Nogura, told the Chief of Operations, Admiral James T. Kirk that the facility was to be expanded, "either outward or downward." Commanded that year by Captain Czerwinski, her office included the only console "with complete authority to access and update any memory bank in the facility." Only she and three other staff members could access and edit the database in this manner. That year she had to authorize Admirals Nogura and Kirk - two of the most senior members of Starfleet - to give them the same access to the database, for fifteen minutes only, but could only do so under command of the President and Starfleet C-in-C . (VAN novella: In Tempest's Wake)

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