Alex Gardner (born 2355 or 2356) was a male Human Starfleet Intelligence operative working within the Tzenkethi Coalition under the name Hertome Ter Ata-C in the early 2380s. Gardner's cover involved working as a maintenance team supervisor in the Tzenkethi Department of the Outside.

In 2383, Gardner discovered that Mayazan Ret Ata-E, one of the workers on his team, was also an undercover operative, a female Cardassian from the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau. Gardner broke cover and attempted to form an alliance with her, but she rebuffed him. Gardner believed that his position had been compromised when one of his fellow operatives was captured by the Tzenkethi Enforcers. Later, Gardner forced Mayazan to take him with her to her extraction point. Along the way, Mayazan's friend Corazame Ret Ata-E discovered their escape and, believing that "Hertome" was attempting to hurt her friend, attacked him. Gardner took her hostage to force Mayazan's cooperation.

Gardner was killed by Mayazan, who crushed his skull with a rock prior to her surrendering to the Tzenkethi authorities. His fellow operative, Commander Peter Alden, noted that at least he didn't have a partner or children to leave behind. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship)

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