Alissia Murat was a young human female who was a lived on Torgu-Va. She is about four to five years of age with stringy hair woven into two braids.

She is the daughter of Lysander Murat and the granddaughter of Lucian Murat and Julia Murat.

Alissia described herself as a Watcher who hides. She was familiar with the tunnels in the Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va and knew how to get outside without going through the mazes. She was able to lead Commander William T. Riker to the surface.

She had promised her Father, Lysander, that she would stay out of the exit shafts but still went into them anyway. When the Tarn atomic weapon was detonated in the battle station, Alissia was caught in the blast. Her body was found and brought to Julia. Alissia was buried on the surface of Torgu-Va so that she could see the stars. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)