Allegiance in Exile is author David R. George III's twelfth Star Trek novel. It takes place during the final year of Captain James T. Kirk's first five-year mission as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise, and establishes a surprising first contact, as well as fleshing out Hikaru Sulu's character.

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A beautiful green world, rich in fertile soil and temperate climate . . . a textbook Class M planet that should be teeming with life. Scans show no life-signs, but there are refined metals, including those associated with a space-faring race . . . and a lone city. But where are all of the inhabitants? Captain James T. Kirk leads a landing party from the USS Enterprise, hoping to get some answers.
The away team discovers a city in ruins, covered by dust, utterly bereft of life. Tricorder readings indicate that this is no ancient metropolis—it has been deserted only for a year. And just beyond the citadel lies what appears to be an ancient spaceport . . . a graveyard of ships that have clearly been sabotaged.
With these ruins too far from either the Klingon or the Romulan Empires, the Enterprise crew can only wonder: Who could have done this? And could this unnamed threat now pose an imminent danger to the Federation?


The Enterprise discovers an uninhabited Class-M planet with a single deserted and ruined city. Kirk leads a landing party to the surface where they discover that the city was destroyed less than a year previous. During the lengthy exploration, automated missiles hidden on the planet fire on both the Enterprise and the landing party, killing seven crewmembers. Kirk has the missile emplacements destroyed. During the incident, Sulu's life is saved by the Enterprise's new A-and-A officer, Ensign Trinh. Not long after, the pair become lovers.

Six months later, the Enterprise comes across a planet with an identical wrecked city. Having determined there are no missiles on the planet, Kirk beams down with a landing party. However, a group of alien ships then appear and fire on the surface. Trinh is badly injured by falling rubble, leaving her paralysed and unlikely to survive more than a year. She returns to her family on Mars and refuses to let Sulu have any further contact with her. Blaming Kirk's decisions for her condition, Sulu requests a transfer and is assigned as second officer to the USS Courageous.

Two months later, a group of ships are detected having passed through the two systems where the destroyed planets were detected. The Enterprise and Courageous investigate but the ships belong not to the attackers but to the colonists, who have settled a third world, Pillagra. After proving their good faith by refusing to retaliate when the less powerful ships attack, Kirk makes first contact with the Bajorans, who are aware of the other two colonies' destruction but do not know why.

During the two ships' visit, the attackers appear and the Federation vessels defend the planet. The Courageous is badly damaged when it is rammed by one of the ships and Sulu is left in command. He takes the damaged ship into the planet's atmosphere to destroy an alien vessel that was attempting to deliberately crashland on the colony before bringing it down to a smooth landing. He then arranges to have the colony evacuated, so no-one is killed when a second ship tries the same tactic. The one remaining ship self-destructs after Kirk briefly speaks to its commander: It is clear the attackers were the only members of a group of Ascendants who came through the Bajoran wormhole by mistake and have been conducting a holy war against them.

Sulu receives the news Trinh was dead, but the fact that Courageous crewmembers died because of his command decisions leaves him more understanding of Kirk's choices. Kirk offers him the opportunity to rejoin the Enterprise.



Alitess LanArex Na EthBerensonMichael CaulderPavel ChekovLori CianaJordan CostleyDaniel DavisGan DelanVanelia FesseySean GarciaGaroVeldaclien ch'GorinBill HadleyNora HardyMartha HuntJacksonMitch JosephsJames T. KirkJohn KyleRoger LemliJabilo M'BengaLeonard McCoyJeurys MejiaNoah OntkeanElizabeth PalmerPearsonNaomi RahdaRamseyRellanRiordanMontgomery ScottSpockRoger StackHikaru SuluTejadaTrennaJacqueline TriesteMai Duyen TrinhNyota UhuraVelura SantViran StovolDawson Walking BearRobert WesleyZeden Pego
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USS AlgonquinChristopher (Class F shuttlecraft) • D7 classKlothosUSS Procyon (Antares-class) • R'Tor


Dengella IIGelladorn/R-775 I, R-775Velat Nol/R-836 II, R-836Pillagra/R-855 III, R-855R-800 sectorsStarbase 25The Roadhouse
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Ağdam, AzerbaijanAge FactoryAllarinAlpha Centauri IIIAlpha Centauri systemAlpha QuadrantBajorBerengaria VIIBeta QuadrantBradbury Township, MarsCestus IIIDresden, GermanyDrissana IIEarthHanoi National UniversityHoi AnJapanKoreaLunaM-113Mantilles, Pallas 14 systemMilky Way GalaxyNeuralNew Dakar, Ophiucus IIIOrganiaPacificaRisaStarfleet Headquarters, San FranciscoSarpeidonShadowsSol systemSpace Station KR-1Tarsus IVTellarTholiaUniversity of Alpha CentauriVietnam

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Artsakh RepublicCasualty Notification DepartmentFederation Department of the InteriorFederation Register of XenoanthropologyGorn HegemonyKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilNova Ares Fellowship of ArchaeologistsRomulan Star EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet OperationsStarfleet TacticalTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of PlanetsVulcan High CommandVulcan Science Academy

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Allegiance in Exile begins in 2269 on the first day of the fifth year of Kirk's first five-year mission as captain of the Enterprise. It takes place over nine months, ending in 2270.

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