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Allen Trask was a male Human admiral in Starfleet during the time of the Heran Crisis in the 24th century.


He was recently appointed as the head of Starfleet Intelligence after the Simon Tarses Affair which caused a great deal of scandal for the organization. He was under a lot of pressure to maintain the credibility of Intelligence when the Herans attempted to make a surprise first strike against the Federation.

He took command of the USS Marconi and attempted to arrest Astrid Kemal due to her genetically engineered origins as he believed her to be a security risk after the discovery that she was a Heran. After being convinced by Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D against such a course of action. He transported himself to the Enterprise to supervise the confrontation with the Heran Modality but found himself one of the many Human victims of the Unity virus.

He attempted to use his authority to destroy the Heran species as he feared that the genetically engineered race would attempt to dominate the Federation. However, he failed in his attempt thanks to the efforts of Captain Picard.

Trask was demoted to the rank of Commodore and appointed as the Starfleet liaison to the planet Zerkalo by the authority of Vice President Chandra.


Trask was a master chess player and participate in championship competitions of the game. He was both cold and calculating in this regard and showed no hatred towards his enemies.

Lieutenant Commander Data believed that Trask possessed a large ego.

He held no reservation in the use of genocidal means to accomplish his goals, as was the case in the Heran Crisis. (TNG novel: Infiltrator)


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