Alpha Centauri (mirror)

Alpha Centauri VII (mirror)

In the mirror universe, Alpha Centauri VII was a subject world of the Terran Empire and one of the first worlds to be conquered by Humans and Vulcans.

Under the empire's control, Alpha Centauri VII was a gigantic waste facility; a dumping ground for radioactive waste and toxic chemical by-products. Conquered in 2074, both Humans and Vulcans worked together to strip the planet of anything of value. Exported items include almost the entire population who, for years, made up the largest pool of slaves in the empire's auction houses. The few hundred thousand Centaurans who remained on the planet lived as scavengers roaming about the ruined landscape as radiation-crazed gangs. When an object of value was found, Centaurans fought for the honor of bringing it to the attention of few remaining colonial administrators. Worse still, many of the free Centaurans on the surface suffered from severe psychoses brought on by exposure to the many pollutants on the planet's surface. Some of the locals even mutated and were brought to the attention of personnel at the Terran research base.

By the height of the empire, the planet's vast megacities were entirely depopulated save for rats, needleworms, jabadillos and other disease-ridden vermin. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

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