Alpha Epsilon Tauri system

Diagram of the Alpha Epsilon Tauri system.

Alpha Epsilon Tauri is a white dwarf star located among stars visible from Earth in the constellation of Taurus. This star is located in the Palmyra Nebula and has a star system of third planets, the third being the largest. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy: Strategic Command)

Although this system is named consistently like a star of the Taurus group, there are currently no "real" stars with both "alpha" and "epsilon" in their names.


Stars, systems and objects of the Taurus constellation
19 Tauri (q Tauri, Taygeta)20 Tauri (Maia) • 23 Tauri (Merope) • 25 Tauri (Alcyone, Eta Tauri)38 Tauri (Davlos, Nu Tauri)54 Tauri (Gamma Tauri) • 74 Tauri (Ain, Epsilon Tauri)87 Tauri (Aldebaran, Alpha Tauri)112 Tauri (Al Nath, Beta Tauri, Gamma Aurigae)Ain (74 Tauri, Epsilon Tauri)Alcyone (25 Tauri, Eta Tauri)Aldebaran (87 Tauri, Alpha Tauri)Alpha Epsilon TauriBeta Tauri (112 Tauri, Al Nath, Gamma Aurigae)Davlos (38 Tauri, Nu Tauri)Gamma Tauri (54 Tauri) • Epsilon Tauri (Ain, 74 Tauri)Eta Tauri (25 Tauri, Alcyone)Maia (20 Tauri) • Merope (23 Tauri) • Nu Tauri (38 Tauri, Davlos)q Tauri (19 Tauri, Taygeta)T Tauri


  • Alpha Epsilon Tauri (star)
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri I
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri II
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri III
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri IV
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri V
    • Alpha Epsilon Tauri VI

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