Alpha Proxima III or Proxtrey is a class M planet, the third planet in the Alpha Proxima star system, somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. Alpha Proxima III is home to a native civilization, divided into two cultures, the Lucrs and Sofs. These inhabitants engaged each other in a devastating exchange of nuclear weapons in a major war around the year 1168. This conflict killed three-quarters of the planet's population and rendered the southern continent uninhabitable.

The Lucrs and Sofs differed in their approach to the role of the individual in society. The Lucrs were a fiercely individualistic society, believing that the man who made the most of his abilities was a god. In contrast, the Sofs were a communitarian culture that valued the community over the individual. The two groups also used different mathematical practices that had religious significance, with the Lucrs employing a numerology based on units of three making up sets of 99 and the Sofs using base four units making up sets of 100.

Prior to the war, the inhabitants of Proxtrey had space-faring capabilities which the Lucrs used to estabish an extra-planetary missile base on the asteroid Scythe, a former moon of Proxtrey. A Sof infiltration team sent to disable the base accidentally trigged its firing sequence, obliterating much of the population on the planet and reverting it to the Iron Age. In the aftermath of the conflict, the survivors worshipped Scythe as a war god.

In 2268, Proxtrey's population had developed to early 20th century levels of technology with radio transmissions. However, the missile base received these transmissions, mistaking them for a threat from the Sofs and prepared for a new missile attack; such an attack would almost certainly wipe out the remaining population of the planet. The Federation starship USS Enterprise traveled to Proxtrey to investigate Scythe's imminent launch of a new missile attack. After boarding the asteroid, the Enterprise landing party was able to deactivate the launch without alerting the population of Proxtrey, thus maintaining the Prime Directive. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)

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