Alsuran sector 2374

Map of the region between the Alsuran Empire and Kyana in 2374.

Alsuran sector 2410

Map of the Alsuran sector in 2410.

The Alsuran sector was one of six sectors coveted by the Delta Alliance in the Delta Quadrant. (STO video game: Delta Rising)


The Alsuran sector was named for the Alsuran species and their empire. Before the advent of the Delta Alliance, the region was coveted between a dozen empires and species. (VOY episode: "Year of Hell"; STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")

Size and locationEdit

The Alsuran sector was situated between the Syllerran sector to the north and the Kotaba sector to the south. (STO - "Delta Rising" mission: "The Delta Quadrant")

The sector was sixty thousand light-years away from Sol. (ST reference: Star Charts)


In the 22nd century, the Krenim Imperium was at its height and controlled 900 planets across 5,000 parsecs. Mid-century, a series of wars began to chip away territory from the Imperium, beginning with a conflict with the Rilnar. Further conflicts with the Ram Izad, Nihydron and Zahl diminished Krenim space further. (STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")

In 2374, the lost Federation Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager traversed the region between the Alsuran Empire and the Kyana star system on its journey home. The crew made contact with the B'omar and found the wreckage of another long-lost Federation vessel, the Aerie-class Template:SS. First contact with the Krenim, who warned them of disputed borders in the region, caused Voyager to fly around Krenim space. (VOY episodes: "The Raven", "Year of Hell"; ST reference: Star Charts)

In the year 2409, the Gaul led the Vaadwaur Supremacy in its attempted conquest of the Delta Quadrant. Their first action was the destruction of the B'omar Sovereignty and the Krenim Imperium. (STO - "The Delta Quadrant" mission: "Revelations") By that time, the Krenim Imperium controlled a mere 29 planets. (STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")

In 2410, the Jenolan Dyson sphere jumped into the Alsuran sector. A permanent gateway connection with the Solanae Dyson sphere allowed the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic and Ferengi Alliance, all Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers, to enter the Delta Quadrant and establish a permanent presence. The newly-formed Alpha Quadrant Alliance responded to the Vaadwaur threat and fought back the Supremacy, gathering Gedrin's opponents in the Delta Alliance. (STO mission: "The Delta Quadrant") An expedition led by the USS Chimera made contact with Krenim survivors on Kyana Moon, confirming hopes that the species had not gone extinct, and made a deal with them. (STO - "Iconian War" mission: "Time in a Bottle")



Star systems and planetsEdit

Native speciesEdit



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