Altair water was a beverage exported from the Altair system. (TOS movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)


While under the influence of Captain Spock's katra in 2285, Dr. Leonard McCoy ordered an Altair water from a bar he frequented on Earth. (TOS movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

In 2293, Spock ordered an Altair water when he and Alexandra Tremontaine visited the Notes on the Water café on Alonis. (TOS novel: The Fire and the Rose)

Altek Dans ordered Altair water in 2385. (DS9 novel: Ascendance)

On January 8, 2386, Doctor Julian Bashir sipped Altair water when he and his inamorata Sarina Douglas frequented the Laenishul restaurant on Andoria. (ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

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