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The alternate reality or Kelvin timeline was a parallel universe created in 2233 with the temporal incursion of the Narada, a Romulan civilian mining vessel under the command of Nero from the year 2387. The alternate reality differed from the primary reality in a number of capacities, including the attack upon the USS Kelvin, the launch of the USS Enterprise in 2258, and the destruction of the planet Vulcan by the Narada. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek)


The Narada was pulled into a black hole and appeared in the year 2233. Nero launched an attack on the Federation starship USS Kelvin. The Narada was able to destroy the Kelvin with its powerful weapons. Crippled near Klingon space the Narada soon attracted the attention of the Klingons. A fleet led by Captain Kor of the IKS Klothos attacked. The Narada's crew did their best to repel the Klingons, but despite killing many could not hold back the stronger Klingon force. (TOS comic: "Nero, Number One")

Destruction of VulcanEdit

The Narada attacked Vulcan, destroying all of the Starfleet ships that attempted to intervene. Though the Enterprise crew tried to foil this plan, the Narada successfully drilled into the core of the planet and placed Red matter there, creating an artificial black hole at the core, which promptly consumed the planet. (TOS movie: Star Trek (2009))

Attack on EarthEdit

The Narada then attempted to destroy Earth in a similar manner, but through the actions of Captain Kirk and Spock, an artificial black hole was created which then consumed the Narada. (TOS movie: Star Trek (2009))

Later MissionsEdit

The Enterprise engaged in a series of campaigns against the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union, and the Romulan Star Empire, going up against some of the most advanced starships of each. (TOS video game: The Mobile Game)

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After stopping at the Aldebaran colony, the Enterprise prepared to leave our galaxy when it intercepted a record-marker from the SS Valiant. Spock was able to analyze the memory banks, revealing an unknown force in the region that forced her captain to destroy his own ship.

Continuing its course to our galaxy's boundary, the Enterprise encountered an unusual force field known as the galactic barrier. Nine crewmembers died, and another was injured—Kirk's friend, Lieutenant Mitchell. The Enterprise also lost her warp capability.

Under the care of Leonard McCoy, Mitchell began to exhibit unusual powers, such as levitation and telepathy. At a senior staff meeting in the briefing room, the crew agreed to maroon Lieutenant Mitchell on "another Delta Vega."

Arriving at Delta Vega I, Kirk and McCoy prepared Mitchell for exile when he attacked Kirk with a blast of energy from his hands. McCoy made a split decision to knock him out with a sedative. He was later beamed down to the planet, with Kirk and Spock, while Scott and Kelso searched the facility for materials they needed to restore the ship's warp drive.

Mitchell revived, escaped his force field, then stunned Kirk and Spock with the energy from his hands. He later met Kelso, and forced his former friend to shoot and kill himself with his phaser.

Scott revived Kirk and Spock, telling them Mitchell had escaped and Kelso was dead. Kirk made a command decision to confront Mitchell, ordering Spock to quarantine the planet and leave if he had not returned in three hours.

Awaiting him in the desert, Mitchell demonstrated his power of illusion to Kirk by transforming the landscape around them into the bar from Iowa. Returning the landscape to its original state, Mitchell forced Kirk to kneel before him and beg forgiveness for his failure and his humanity. As he did so, Spock came up behind Mitchell and nerve-pinched him. Kirk ordered Spock to stand back, then shot and killed his friend.

Kelso and Mitchell were buried in space. Spock later joined Kirk in the briefing room, offering to play chess with him. Kirk accepted the offer, and Spock left for Engineering, leaving him alone in the briefing room.

The Galileo SevenEdit

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Operation: AnnihilateEdit

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Vulcan's VengeanceEdit

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The Return of the ArchonsEdit

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The Truth About TribblesEdit

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Countdown to DarknessEdit

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I, Enterprise! Edit

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Into DarknessEdit

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After DarknessEdit

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The Khitomer ConflictEdit

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Parallel LivesEdit

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Lost Apollo Edit

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The Q Gambit Edit

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Behemoth Edit

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Eurydice Edit

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The Tholian WebEdit

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Final missionEdit

Following negotiations between the Teenaxi Delegation and the Fabona Republic, the Enterprise docked at Yorktown Station to resupply. During this time, Ambassador Spock has died, Spock and Uhura take a time out from their relationship and Kirk applies for promotion to Vice Admiral.

An escape pod is found and it occupant, Kalara. informs her that her ship has been stranded on Altamid. Commodore Paris agrees to let Kirk and the Enterprise enter the Necro Cloud to assist her. However, once in orbit around Altamid, the Enterprise comes under attack by a swarm of ships. The Enterprise tried to escape but was crippled and boarded by Swarm drones led by warlord Krall and Manas. Kirk and his crew were then forced to abandon ship before it's saucer section crash-landed on Altamid. However, most of the crew had been captured save for Kirk, Chekov, Spock, Kalara, McCoy and Scotty. (TOS movie: Beyond)

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