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Anatotitan was a species of hadrosaur dinosaur indigenous to planet Earth millions of years ago during the Cretaceous period.

Adult Anatotitans measured an average of 9.1 meters long and weighed 7 tons. They had a honking call, similar to a foghorn. Like other hadrosaurs, Anatotitans had duck-bills and were herbivores. They were social animals and moved in herds, sometimes numbering into the many hundreds as they followed existing migration routes. (TOS novel: First Frontier)



Earth dinosaurs and pterosaurs
Genus and species AlamosaurusAnatotitanAnkylosaurusApatosaurusBrontosaurusDeinonychusPachycephalosaurPentaceratopsPterodactylStegosaurusThescelosaurusTorosaurusTriceratopsTroodonTyrannosaurus rexUtahraptorVelociraptor
Order and family archosaurbrachiosaurceratopsiddromaeosaurhadrosaurornithischiapterosaursauropodtheropodtitanosaur

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