The Andorian Engineering Corps was a branch of the Andorian government that was known to still operate by the 22nd century following their peoples integration into the United Federation of Planets. Similar to the Andorian mindset, they were noted to take pride in their efficiency and the perfection of their work with anyone complementing them in this manner honoring them as a result.

In 2270, members of the corps were stationed on the Federation space station Starbase 17 where their Chief technician was Shatah. At the time, the Starfleet vessel USS Enterprise was scheduled for a refit of their systems at the base. Whilst the starships chief engineer Montgomery Scott was reluctant to allow "strangers" to upgrade the ship - he was later delighted to see efficient work of the Andorian Engineering Corps in action. However, the upgrade to the computers led them to taking an Andorian mindset which led to the Enterprise mistakenly attributing the destruction of the Lovata Wind to a Tellarite heavy cruiser commanded by Commander Brog. Despite initial hostilities, science officer Spock was able to uncover the problem with the Andorian upgrade and determine the truth about the destruction of the Lovata Wind. (TOS comic: "Burden of Knowledge, Issue 3")

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