Andrea in 2266.

Andrea was an android constructed by Roger Korby on Exo III in the 2260s decade. (TOS episode & novelization: What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

At Stardate 4991.3 Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy during shore leave on Wrigley's Pleasure Planet encountered another Andrea android working as a hostess there.

When confronting Wrigley, the owner of the planet it was revealed that he had purchased several Andrea units from Kirk's 'brother' (Harry Mudd pretending to be related to James T Kirk after an earlier incident left Mudd with Kirk's appearance) who was now selling androids to worlds throughout the galaxy, using the template for Andrea first made by Dr Korby.

Historical research done on Dr Korby's expedition by Commander Spock revealed that Andrea's appearance was based on an expedition member; Andrea Milton, who did not survive the crash of Dr Korby's vessel. (TOS comic: "The Survival Equation")

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